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Thirsty Ground International

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Thirsty Ground International

What Is Our Global Mission?

We seek to answer God’s call to help those suffering in hard-hit disaster areas globally through providing relief aid, compassionate charity, local church-centered development and a tangible display of the love of Christ.

As God opens doors to help the needy we find He also provides opportunity to plant seeds of truth amidst the thirsty ground of the nations!

Thirsty Ground International

More About Thirsty Ground International

Serving The Needy

We seek to follow God's command to do good to the poor and to love our neighbor by serving the needy living in hard-hit disaster areas. By compassion His light shines and seed is sown. See updates on active responses here:

>> Active Disaster Responses

Active Since 2013

TGI began in 2013 as a Christian-response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines. TGI and has continued to respond to short and long-term disasters globally to this day with a current focus on Middle East projects serving refugees and the poor.

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Not Only Relief Aid

While we do provide direct relief aid in the initial aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster, we also pursue long-term development, education and charitable efforts in regions suffering prolonged crises where such help can be a compassionate witness.

>> Different Types of Help

Principles We Follow

It is important to know what drives an organizations operations and decision making. We base our principles upon the Scriptures. We seek to do good to the needy without our good doing harm to the community, while also being a light in dark places.

>> Our Operational Principles

Thirsty Ground International

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Thirsty Ground International

Where Has Thirsty Ground International Helped?

Phillipines - Typhoon Haiyan (2013)

Iraq - Refugee Response (2014)

Nepal - Earthquake Response (2015)

Mid East - Refugee Response (2015 - Now)

Louisiana - Flood Response (2016)

Haiti - Hurricane Matthew (2016)

Texas - Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Beirut - Port Blast Response (2020)

Afghanistan - SIV Evacuations (2021)

Syria - Earthquake Response (2023)

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