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Though the video on this page covers the relief work already done by our teams in Nepal, the work there is far from complete. As the monsoon rains pound the already devastated villages, causing landslides in various regions and cutting many places of from further aid, we are prayerfully planning the next phase to help…(Read More)

What will you do in response to the crisis in the Middle East? We can ignore it, we can walk by it, or we can stop and consider what God would have us to do to help for His glory. May God be pleased to raise up laborers to go, to proclaim in love and…(Read More)

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Another Busy Summer of Refugee English Classes!

DT Jul 31 2017
handicapped refugees
Active MissionsMAP - Medical Assistance ProgramMiddle East

Joy In a Wheelchair: The Forgotten Disabled Refugees

DT Jun 25 2017
helping refugee babies
MAP - Medical Assistance ProgramMiddle East

11 Refugee Babies Delivered, And Counting

DT May 14 2017
EAP Program Update
EAP - Education Assistance ProgramMiddle East

EAP Update - Weekly Tutoring & Only 5 More Students To Go!

DT Mar 18 2017
Active MissionsMiddle East

How to Help Syrians Despite The Travel Ban

DT Feb 10 2017