COVID-19 Response & Resources Center

Our team is primarily helping refugees and those in poverty in the Middle East survive the COVID-19 pandemic. This page documents those efforts and also shares the resources/information we use.
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Serving Outside The USA During The Pandemic

We are a small team of Americans that were already serving refugees in the Middle East when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe. Rather than return to the USA we decided to stay. Our goal is to help the refugees and impoverished locals in our community survive this pandemic as best we can.

This page will document those efforts for those who are already aware and praying. It will also serve as a central resource center for us to post information we have found helpful during the COVID-19 response.

This includes templates for making face masks and isolation gowns. It includes 3D print files to construct other PPE and materials in short supply. It also includes links to reliable information on the pandemic and appropriate response measures.

We are focused on helping the poor impacted by COVID-19, providing PPE to hospitals & the community, and informing others with resources to help them serve their own community for God's glory.

Follow the latest field updates from our team below and please pray for the workers and the sick in this time
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Summer Update: After The COVID Wave, Early Farm Harvests & More!

Jun 25 2021
Active MissionsCOVID-19 ResponseMiddle East

July Update: Over 3,000 Masks Sewn And a New Agriculture Initiative!

Jul 31 2020
Active MissionsCOVID-19 ResponseMiddle East

April Update: Face Mask Donations & The Mysterious COVID-19 Virus

Apr 25 2020
Active MissionsCOVID-19 ResponseMiddle East

Local Hospital PPE Donation & More Sewing Help!

Apr 10 2020
Active MissionsCOVID-19 Response

Video Tutorial For Making Cloth Face Masks Is Live

Apr 7 2020

We are accepting donations to provide food & medicine for the poor and PPE items to healthcare workers.

We are all volunteers which means 100% of everything donated goes directly to our relief operations

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE; we are a registered 501c3 Non-Profit listed in Guide Star