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Embarking On The Next Relief Phase In Northern Iraq

As many of you may know already, our teams are heading towards the Middle East as we speak to oversee the arrival and distribution of the winter clothing shipping container. What you likely would not yet know is that we are facing some paperwork issues due to confusion between some involved parties, which has delayed the container’s departure from Turkey to Iraq by several days now. Pray things may be cleared up as early as today and the green light be given for things to proceed! Distributing out the 30,000-plus pounds of winter clothing, jackets and blankets will take a lot of time and we will need every day we can get! Pray too that the team members arriving in two staggered phases over the next several weeks would have no issues entering into Iraq, and that our desired service to the refugees and churches in the region through these donated goods would be accepted and truly be a help!

One of our friends from the region has flown in for the week to help get things started, and is also planning the distribution of several hundreds of kerosene heaters for refugees in unheated buildings and camps. While we wait for the container to arrive we hope to still redeem the time in ministering to these refugees with heaters, some of the water purifiers and solar lamps we brought in, and of course the Word of God as doors open for this. A good majority of the places we will be helping are primarily follow up from the initial trip earlier this summer. Many have already heard and received something of the truth, and our hope is to give further opportunity for this, as well as show them we truly do care by coming back a second time with more needful help to give them.

I can already report several answers to prayer. We had no dedicated Arabic translator able to come, and at the last minute, even as some were already out in the region, a young man was able to get free from his work to come and translate for us. We also had several people back out of the trip who we earlier had hoped could come help, largely due to other commitments as well as the timeline shifting to be over the Christmas season. Not even knowing if we would have a team able to handle this mission, at the last minute the Lord provided several people from an unexpected quarter able to come and help. It is an encouragement to see the Lord providing in this. Even when at times it seems that the very things we need are not going to be provided, at the last minute He steps in and moves in ways we had not expected!

Following the distribution of the heaters and clothing, any remaining time and financial resources will likely be dedicated to any needed food distribution or other smaller project needs we encounter during surveys of the camps and refugee areas. Pray for wisdom and provision in all these things, our time is too short to waste, and the resources of God’s people given to this cause are too precious to spend on things that are unnecessary.

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