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Flat Tires & Active Labor – Two More Refugee Babies Born

This is a quick update on two more healthy Syrian refugee babies born last week. One is a little girl, the other a little boy, and both of them are over 10 pounds each!

We thank God that the deliveries went well. One was almost delivered on the highway. What happened? The team went to check her at her home after she called saying she was in labor. She was already dilated to a 10 and the head was almost visible! However the mom was not pushing well. So, they put her in the car to drive as fast as they safely could to the hospital 45 minutes away. Mind you, the availability of ambulances and EMS here is very sporadic and unreliable. The wait time can be quite long too, if one is even willing to come help. Driving yourself is often the fastest way to get medical help.

While they sped down the mountain roads, with the woman in active labor, they hit a hole in the road. It blew out the tire. There was no fixing it in time before the baby was coming, so they had to try to flag down a taxi. One stopped right away, but I don’t think the driver quite knew what he was getting into! Off they went with the cab driver now desperately trying to get to the hospital before the woman gave birth all over his backseat.

At one point they were stuck at an intersection by a traffic cop. They kept trying to signal to him to let them through as they had a woman in labor, but he wasn’t paying attention. Suddenly, the woman in labor gave such a shout that it startled the traffic cop, who then frantically started waving them to go through the intersection. I don’t think he wanted to have to help deliver that baby any more than the taxi driver!

syrian refugee baby assistanceThankfully, they got to the hospital with time to spare. It turns out the woman did not know how to push the baby out, and thus how she stayed on station with crowning at a 10 for so long without the baby progressing. The L&D doctor took over and shortly after a healthy baby was delivered, and not on the highway or the backseat of the taxi!

Thanks to everyone continuing to pray for these labors amongst the pregnant refugee women. We are planning to follow up this coming week with some previous births and to share the Gospel further with them (though prior to delivery they all attend various outreach meetings as well). We pray not only that we can see physical births but spiritual births as well!

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