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Haiti Clean Water Mission – A Disaster Relief Team Is On The Way!

Devastated once again by a hurricane, Haiti needs help to avoid an even greater disaster

hurricane matthew disaster reliefHaiti needs help. The UN estimates over 1.4 million people are in urgent need after Hurricane Matthew devastated the country October 4th, 2016. Over 540 people are dead, and thousands more may die from cholera if they don’t get clean water soon.

We are a very small non-profit and know that we can’t be everywhere at once. With no paid staff, no regular funding, and only volunteers able to go when their jobs give them time off, we rely on the Lord for any ability to help others in the wake of disaster.

We cannot be at every disaster, though many involved in these projects sure wish we could be!

But in disasters like Haiti, where there is the threat of a massive cholera outbreak because of no clean water, as well as the risk of severe famine in coming months, these are of such magnitude a response is warranted if possible.

God Provided A Team, And Water Filters

Thankfully the Lord has very quickly brought together a team of five men able to go on short notice for a clean water mission to this desperately needy place. They leave today and will be there for several weeks.

They are bringing in 415 water filters with highly-durable 0.1 micron filtration able to provide millions of gallons of clean water for affected communities.

haiti disaster reliefEach unit alone can account for one million gallons of clean water, giving this effort the potential for bringing in 415 million gallons of clean water to the people of Haiti.

The company producing these filters, Sawyer International, donated 300 of the units to our team for free when they learned the filters were going in to help in Haiti!

We have used their filters before in Nepal and Iraq to provide clean water to communities without such a basic necessity, and we are glad to continue to partner with Sawyer in this newest Haiti clean water mission.

Each bucket filter is suitable for a family or grouped-families to use for daily needs, and this mission has the potential to help thousands of people with access to clean water.

Without clean water, many more will get cholera and die. The team’s efforts, if successful, will likely save the lives of many people in affected communities.

Disaster Relief In The Name Of Jesus Christ

In addition to bringing in the life-saving water filters, this mission of compassion is being done in coordination with local Baptist and Evangelical churches in the affected areas, with the aim to spread the hope of the Gospel of Christ in a bleak and hopeless situation.

The team has a great challenge ahead of them. Roads are closed, bridges are destroyed, people are looting aid convoys, cholera is already reported as on the rise, and a terrible famine looms in coming months.

Please pray for them as they seek to bring help and the hope of the Gospel to a needy place. If you wish to get involved or help in any way you can donate directly to the Haiti relief fund or find out more ways to get involved on our site.

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