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Harvey Relief – Beginning The Rebuild


Harvey relief rebuilding in cueroIt is amazing to think we are already on our 4th week of continuous volunteer teams going into Houston to help!

The needs are still slowly progressing from clearing out the mucky, muddy and moldy mess of soggy home debris to the end stage of rebuilding what was destroyed.

We are beginning to start a few small rebuild projects though we are still getting calls for people who have not yet cleaned out their homes a month later!

Many people were caught without flood insurance, and many also got denied by FEMA for various (and sometimes unspecified) reasons so have not way to fix their homes.

We have been able to help an elderly couple replace their walls that flooded in about 2 feet.

We replaced a good portion of a roof near the coast that got walloped by the Harvey winds.

harvey relief beginning rebuildWe are doing several other drywall jobs for homes that we previously gutted or that the homeowners cleaned out, but they either didn’t have labor or materials to finish the next stage.

We have some homes needing drywall from 2-3 feet up, and some homes needing it all the way to the ceiling!

The needs vary greatly based on where the homes were in the flood, but what is becoming clear to us is that these needs are not going away any time soon.

harvey relief remaining rebuild needs We have probably half a dozen or more – and growing daily! – legitimate rebuild needs we are estimating and praying for materials and skilled labor for.

Rebuild will probably take us into November/December and beyond, depending on how many skilled laborers we can get on teams into that time frame.

It also depends on how many new needs present themselves. We know we can’t handle everything in Houston, Beaumont, and the coastal bend, but we want to do what we can with the resources we have!

We are finding that God is using this to open up doors into people’s lives. Pray this compassionate response would be accepted and used by God to show them the love of Christ!

Thank you for praying for the volunteers going, and the Harvey flood victims still trying to piece their lives back together a month later! If you want to learn more about the Harvey Relief work or how you can help you can go here: Hurricane Harvey Relief Portal

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