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Harvey Relief – Still Rolling On Rebuilds!

harvey relief ceiling repairsThis week marks the 5th continuous week of non-stop volunteers on the ground in Houston helping Hurricane Harvey victims! Some volunteers are on their second, or even third, rotation out to the affected areas. We are very thankful for their dedication and perseverance, as it has not been easy work!

We began to transition last week to focus primarily on rebuilds.

Since then, we’ve done a complete roofing job, interior drywall on several homes, and are going today to make a home inhabitable again that is destroyed from the floors on up!

We only wish we could do more. For every project we are able to commit to complete, there seems to be almost a half dozen more we simply lack staffing and resources to address!

There are still homes not even cleared out yet from mold and debris.

harvey relief ceiling repairsThere are still roofs leaking water into homes in the rain.

There are hundreds of homes stripped down to the bare studs and barely habitable, even though we have found some people still living in the shell of their homes because they had no where to go!

We will always wish we could have done more in these situations. But we trust that God has supplied us to do exactly what He wants us to do in this time, and trust Him for the time that is ahead.

We press ahead knowing that the work won’t be done in a week, or even in a month, and pray for more laborers to come in the months ahead.

More rebuilds await as our task tracker gets more added even as we clear others off!

However at this stage we have no definite rebuild teams coming out for week 6 and onwards, though we do have long term projections up to the end of the year.

Commitments will be staggered from now until December with sporadic rebuild activity based on volunteer availability, but we have hope to keep working and clearing out the present needs as well as future ones that arise!

Thank you for praying for the volunteers going, and the Harvey flood victims we are trying to help! If you want to learn more about the Harvey Relief work or how you can help you can go here: Hurricane Harvey Relief Portal

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