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Heading In

Just a quick update while we are in transit here. Writing from Narita. My flight got changed, so am having to meet the others in manila, they went via Guam. Thankful that God worked it out this morning to cancel my original flight and reroute me; it allowed me to get the late shipment of 50 Life Straw filters that came in at 6am at the airport FedEx, and still make the 830am flight. Was close, but it all worked out in the end and we have the supplies loaded with us. Now, the reception, staging and onward movement in Manila over the next 48hrs. In contact with a woman in Cebu asking help for the northern part of her island. Needs everywhere! Hope we can get to all of these places and more and help however we can. Have been reading up too on the flight over regarding Cholera treatments. Glad we have some ORS with us, but sounds like we will need to find more, lots of diarrheal illness as would be expected. We may be joining up with a doctor in Manila, which will be a valuable asset to the team. Thankful to see God providing all the way, I am sure more storms and trials are ahead, but He will provide!

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