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Joy In a Wheelchair: The Forgotten Disabled Refugees

This week we had the joy of delivering a long-promised electric wheelchair to a disabled refugee.

He was so happy he was wiping tears away with a rag using his only good arm.

We met him last year. He is the crippled and mentally disabled son of an old shaykh in the refugee community.

Both his feet are curled and atrophied. His right arm is largely useless as it is stuck in a somewhat perpendicular position and he cannot open or close his hand.

His speech is slurred, but he can communicate with simple sentences, and with the deeply pained, almost haunting, look in his eyes.

All he has is a semi-functional left arm and an elderly, hunched over, mother who tries to drag him around the house with the help of a pre-adolescent nephew.

Most of his days are spent sitting on a rug in the corner of their front entrance, or the floor by a tiny living room that doubles as sleeping quarters.

He has a tattered old wheelchair that his aging parents used to push him around in, but now in their state as refugees, they either don’t have time or simply aren’t physically able to push him anymore.

They asked if we could at all help find a used electric wheelchair with a left-handed control so he could move himself around. Perhaps to even go out in the community with his parents walking beside him, instead of having to do the impossible and push the rusted old wheelchair up the hills in their area.

It took almost a year of searching for the right wheelchair – and also praying for the right amount of funds to be provided – but everything finally came together this past week.

The family was so very thankful, and I want to pass that thanks on to the many of you reading this. The Lord has used your help for this work to enable us to serve this disabled Syrian refugee and his family.

His father comes to outreach meetings here regularly as well. The son, being homebound in a village a good distance from where we meet, is not able to come.

But he gladly took an audio Bible from us to listen to at home. Pray God might bless the word sown in his heart through this simple tool used to spread God’s word.

The disabled refugees are often forgotten. They are hidden away in homes as they are considered a “shame” to most families. They are viewed as burdens – even curses by some – and often suffer much in silence as refugees.

To be able to bring joy through this wheelchair for one disabled refugee was a great privilege. Thank you for your prayers and partnership in these challenging days to help make this happen!

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