Local Hospital PPE Donation & More Sewing Help!

A few days ago, we were able to provide a donation of PPE to a local hospital to help outfit 50 of their frontline providers getting ready to work in their COVID-19 ward.

The PPE included 50 hooded isolation gowns, 50 sets of shoe covers, and 50 face shields. All of the items are durable and reusable once they clean them properly. The fabric they have in the local market here to make the hooded isolation gowns makes them look like a space suit! Not something you’ll find in the hospitals back home, for sure, but they work.

Thank you to some who have given during this time. You will likely never meet the doctors and nurses at this small hospital in the Middle East. But know that you’ve helped them better prepare to survive their inevitable exposure to the growing number of COVID-19 patients in our country. You’ve also helped us build bridges with a medical facility in the community for what we hope is long-term partnership.

More Hands To Help Sew Face Masks

The demand out here for cloth face masks is growing. We realized that our small team couldn’t meet the demand in our community alone. Thankfully, we had some refugee women we know offer to help, as well as some local Christians who heard about the initiative. We have a limited number of sewing machines on hand, but we’re making do with what we have so far!

We are hoping this additional help will allow us to better serve the community up here, and provide something constructive for the refugee women to do during their lockdown time. Many already knew how to sew, but haven’t used a machine before, so this is also helping them to learn a new skill for future use after the pandemic passes.

Thanks for praying for us in all these things!

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