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Louisiana Flood Relief 2016

Louisiana Flood Relief – Helping On The Home Front

The home team for Thirsty Ground International is coordinating a response to conduct post-flood relief work in Louisiana, and already has a small team on the ground there.

Louisiana flood relief 2016The volunteers hope to help clear debris from homes and then assist with skilled laborers as families try to rebuild, re-wall, re-wire and re-floor their flooded homes.

The mission there is primarily being coordinated through local churches in Baton Rouge whose members also lost their homes in the great Louisiana flood.

Providence Chapel in Denton, TX is also acting as a central coordination point for churches wanting to send volunteers to help.

The team is both living and rebuilding in the same community as the people they are aiming to serve, not unlike the international relief missions some are more used to doing!

Why We Are Doing Louisiana Flood Relief

Debris-2International disaster response is in our mission and in our blood (and name – the I part of TGI).

But sometimes things happen on the home front of such magnitude that even state and national disaster agencies are overwhelmed initially.

Sure, there’s no mass food shortages.

There’s no rioting in the streets or looting of stores (thankfully! Remember Katrina).

Disease pandemics are kept in check.

But, the ability of any one local or national agency to help with the very simple task of clearing debris from family’s homes is simply not present.

Louisiana flood relief 2016There is a need for volunteers (and far more than just what our small team is able to do!) to come help with this simple but necessary task.

Unlike most third-world countries we work in, the US also has a robust insurance system that will help many of these people – eventually – with some of the rebuilding needs.

But the wheels of insurance claims grind slowly.

In the mean time houses need to be gutted or worse damage – and disease – can result.

For those without insurance (and there are several families being helped who are in that category) they have no hope of any insurance agency payout to cover rebuilding their homes.

They simply have to do it themselves or endure homelessness, move with no prospect of regaining their home equity, or live in a gutted house.

For these people we also hope to see skilled laborers come volunteer their time.

Volunteer-2Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, people who know how to lay sheetrock, and others who can help.

Anyone who is interested to volunteer their time or contribute to the material needs for supplies the volunteers are using to help these families can do so through Thirsty Ground International by contacting us or sending a donation, or can do so directly through Providence Chapel in Denton, TX as well.

More pictures and updates of the flood relief will follow on our Facebook page as well as a close-out report on our website. Stay updated too by signing up for our e-mail newsletter!

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