Medical Help Update #1 – Needy People

medical assistance for syrian refugeesSince we’ve been focusing more on unmet medical needs amongst the refugees and poor, the Lord has thankfully provided for TGI to help dozens of sick people. I will briefly highlight 3 cases which are pictured below. One is a Syrian woman who fled from ISIS territory, and had a painful and increasingly large tumorous growth on her wrist the family simply could not afford to have removed and biopsied. Her daily work was impacted as she cared for 4 kids and a household. We did not have the money to help her with the surgery until two weeks ago after praying about it specifically, and a few days later we woke up and found someone had deposited a large sum to the TGI medical fund, enough to help this woman. She was deeply grateful and responsive to the compassion shown in the name of Christ.

The second case is a boy with cerebral palsy (that family doesn’t really understand his condition though) and moderate brittle bone disease. We’ve been able to help with medicine to strengthen his bones, and also a better wheelchair/stroller system for them to get him around. He is cared for by his mother, a Sunni Syrian refugee who has been abandoned by her husband, and his 9 sisters who have no father to provide for them. A few of his sisters work all month washing dishes and only receive about $130 between themselves from the unscrupulous employer.

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MedFix3The third case is an orphaned Lebanese teenager living in poverty, who has a festering and infected wound for over a year now, that has developed a strong bacterial resistance to all but the strongest (and more expensive) antibiotics. We are helping her acquire medicines that the local doctors cannot charitably provide, and doing regular wound care for her. For the first time in a year she feels like she is seeing progress in the healing! To not heal it would mean likely a further progression of the condition towards relatively untreatable MRSA or worse, and a possible descent into sepsis if her blood becomes infected, meaning almost certain death within the medical system here.

There are many others receiving vital medicines for chronic or new medical conditions, from children suffering seizures and needing preventive medicines, to elderly patients with out of control blood pressures and heart conditions. We are also engaging in basic community health education on a family basis, trying to help them alter diet and lifestyles to ‘naturally’ combat some of the more prevalent chronic conditions out here such as diabetes and hyper tension. One refugee woman has taken this to heart, walking more often and reducing her sugar intake from teas and juices, and got her blood sugar down below diabetic levels without any medicines needed!

Thank you so much to those who have been helping with the small efforts here, may God bless the generosity. The needs are many and only increasing weekly, but we trust God will provide as needed when the time is right!

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