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Mid-Iraq Winter Relief Mission Update

Hello everyone, I know the reports from here have been largely confined to Facebook and a few short messages sent out. I’m going to be brief with some items to update in terms of prayers answered and opportunities emerging.

10464005_746650605390601_3521860911796049460_n1 – There is a young Yazidi boy we came across in a squatter camp that has a rather large growth the family believes is a tumor. The medical findings in the reports they showed us are somewhat contradictory, and they report this developed after he broke his arm and had surgery two months ago, but it seems likely it may actually be the result of some kind of bone cancer. There is no viable treatment option for this child in Iraq, and barring a miracle or a rapid coordination of efforts to get him out of country to a treatment center able to absorb the costs as charity, he will likely end his days as an exile and die in this squatter camp. We’ve prayed for him and shared some with his family, and are hoping to bring him to a doctor on Wednesday to try and at least pursue a clear, definitive diagnosis to plan a way ahead (he has not even had a biopsy done yet, just an MRI). Pray for this boy and his family! A picture is attached below that shows the severity of his condition.

2 – The first team arriving here has been able to conduct followup on most of the poorer/rural locations we did medical care and blanket relief for in the area. We’ve received warm welcomes from those who remember us, and from that have been able to discover more unknown and largely passed-over enclaves of refugees. Some of them are recently arrived within the last week and literally have the clothes on their back and a few items they could scrounge from other villagers. Right now we are largely avoiding mass distribution settings and going house to house, which has both allowed for better crowd control but also, more importantly, for more meaningful personal interaction with people.

10891645_749122801810048_2388814625507762197_n3 – Thus far the Lord has provided just enough resources to acquire the heaters, kerosene, baby formula and other items we’ve found the refugees needed during assessments of their homes. We are thankful for that and trust the “cruse of oil” will yet have just enough each time it’s needed!

4 – The container is still in transit, we just found out today there are more paperwork issues with the Turkish authorities at the port, so we are trying to get more documents from the group we are working with here who will legally receive the container. Pray this might be resolved soon, and pray this container might come in time as the coldest part of winter arrives in January!

10882311_749122745143387_4953790759533939260_n5 – We are considering whether trying to coordinate an air freight order of jackets via U.S. government channels from the States to here might be helpful. While discussing with the local pastor here who is helping to coordinate the larger mass relief distributions, we found the number of families in need was upwards of almost 4,000 which with the average size of Iraqi families, is likely about 22,000 or more people. Our current amount of jackets would fall well short of helping everybody, though it will be able to help some of the larger refugee communities in the region. 10881577_749122835143378_548864849833688119_nThere is also a newly arrived group of approximately 6,000 Yazidis who were liberated from the Sinjar Mountain siege only two weeks ago, they are now in the north where the winter is harshest and have come with almost nothing from what we are told. The logistics to bring in more bulk supplies at this time are daunting, but pray the Lord might either open or close the door on this as He wills!

Thanks again to all who are praying for and helping in any way towards the work out here!

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