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What Is The EAP Initiative?

We help sponsor over 60 refugee children displaced by war, as well as impoverished local children affected by the ongoing Mid-East crisis, to enable them to attend Christian-run K-12 school programs in their community. We also provide them with intensive summer ESL courses and have begun vo-tech training for older students. 

Covering Tuition Costs

We seek to cover all school book and yearly tuition costs for children so that they can attend different K-12 school programs. As our desire is to provide children with a quality, life-changing education, we've partnered with like-minded schools.

Christian-Run Schools

We enroll children in Christian-run, Bible-teaching local private schools. Sponsorship of EAP children helps fund these schools to continue operating. This keeps more schools open and accessible to others in the community as well.

Summer ESL Classes

We provide to all EAP kids - and dozens of other children from the local community - intensive summer English classes to help them succeed during the school year. In many K-12 programs, English is the language of instruction at higher levels.

Vocational Skills

When our sponsored children age out of a K-12 program or we encounter young adults needing skills training to find a job, we help fund their training at local vo-tech centers if resources permit or we provide hands-on training to them ourselves via volunteers.

Thirsty Ground International

How Can You Be Involved In The EAP Initiative?

Help Us Enroll More Syrian Refugee and Poor Local Children Into Schools

Our 2023/2024 EAP program is now primarily focused on enrolling children into Christian-run schools and education programs to ensure they not only get a good education, but learn about Jesus too!

This not only provides the children with a quality education that includes the Gospel and chapel services, but our tuition payment program also provides crucial funding to keep multiple locally-run Christian education programs open and operational in our region.

This keeps local Christian schools open, teachers employed, families fed, and refugee children educated. In our view, it is a win-win situation for all!

Access to education is a big problem affecting Syrian refugee children. The UN estimates that barely half of all refugee kids are in primary schools, and less than 25% of teenagers attend middle/high schools.

We know kids that didn’t go to school for almost 5 years but wished they could. They want to learn, and escape the drudgery of refugee life spent waiting for the war in Syria to end.
Why don’t they go to school? Their parent’s won’t send them when it is a choice between school costs or enough food for their family to survive. 

These children often are put to work as early as age 10 to earn a little money for their families too.

Without access to quality education with caring, attentive teachers, these children are headed down a bad road in life of child labor and exploitation.

To address this problem, we help Syrian refugees (and local children from poor families) go to Christian-run schools by covering the monthly costs of tuition at each program.
We cover the entire yearly tuition costs for each child, and are continually assessing their progress with parents and teachers to ensure they progress academically.

At times, we also help past EAP students with transportation to local UN-backed schools if they’re already enrolled and moving them would disrupt their hard-earned academic progress. This is a small percent of students we helped in years past.

We involve all children in regular outreach multiple times each year where they learn about Jesus and hear the Gospel.

We aren’t able to do it alone though. We are thankful to God for the many people that committed to sponsor these children over the years, and we are hopeful for more sponsors to commit.

What does a sponsor need to do?

  • A sponsor is asked to pray regularly for the child.
  • To commit to provide up to $100 a month for school tuition costs (it can vary per child)
  • To write a letter to the child once a school year. The child writes back too. (This is optional if you don’t have the time to write!)

If you want to help by sponsoring a child monthly this can enable one more child to enter the EAP program, go to school, and hear the Gospel. Contact us to be assigned a child to sponsor. We have many waiting! You can use the form below to let us know your interest.

Please send us your information, the amount of children you hope to sponsor and any questions you have about the EAP program.

We will respond shortly with specific information on a child we hope you can help sponsor!

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