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Nepal Quake Relief Over, Yet The Work Is Just Beginning

Though the video on this page covers the relief work already done by our teams in Nepal, the work there is far from complete. As the monsoon rains pound the already devastated villages, causing landslides in various regions and cutting many places of from further aid, we are prayerfully planning the next phase to help in the region. The twin needs of community rehabilitation and rescue work among trafficked girls is paramount. The needs of Nepal go well beyond just these two things, but in terms of what we feel we can possibly do to help, and what is the most pressing need in quake affected areas, it seems likely our focus will be upon these areas. Once the monsoon rains subside and the roads are readily accessible again, we are hoping to form a team able to address one or both of these needs in a more long term. Work will be done in conjunction with the collaboration of our Nepali friends over there, and in support of the existing or nascent churches in the affected areas when possible.

The obstacles are many, but God is greater! Every time we may be tempted to draw back due to the difficulties and impossibilities, I am reminded that it is God’s design to thrust us out into what we can’t do ourselves, so He can show himself faithful to do what we cannot do and make the impossible a reality. As Hudson Taylor famously said of work in China over a hundred years ago, that “There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

Thank you for your prayers and support in these days. Any one interested in further information about the ongoing work in Nepal or other ongoing/future TGI projects in other regions is welcome to contact us directly.

Thanks and enjoy the short documentary below on the relief work done in Nepal this spring!

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