The Beliefs & Convictions Of Thirsty Ground International

An organization is no more than the people God has called together to operate within it, and it is the beliefs and convictions of those people God has brought together that comprise the organizations position on certain matters.

We are composed of a group of evangelical believers that take the Bible as the inspired and infallible final authority for life, doctrine and practice – including compassion ministries.

It is because of what Jesus Christ has done for us that we desire to love and serve others in disaster-stricken areas who find themselves in great need.

We believe that the greatest need in our generation – and any generation – is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, which message is advanced through both proclamation and works of compassion towards our fellow man.

However, we do not in any way diminish the significant material and social needs of our world either, and seek to make a difference in every area of people’s lives.

We believe this is the call for the Church to answer in our generation, and we aim to do our small part in answering it.

The Involvement And Oversight Of The Church

We firmly believe that the ministry of the Gospel and works of mercy should flow from, and be overseen by, the local church. While we are thankful for what God has accomplished through para-church organizations that do not have direct oversight from a church or body of elders, we believe it is both wise and Biblical to follow the pattern in the New Testament of ministry being done by, with and through the local church.

For this reason Thirsty Ground International, though it exists as a independently state-recognized charitable organization, is under the direct oversight of a local church, Sovereign Grace Community Church and has on its board of directors several elders from this church and a sister church as well.

Our aim through this relationship is to keep the organization accountable and the mission on focus to what matters to God, and avoid the pitfalls that a para-church organization can readily fall into without this safeguard of oversight.

Working With Other Ministries

heaterdistro-meIn the midst of a disaster, no one organization or ministry can handle it all. Not even the UN can mount a disaster response in every case that is able to address all the needs of a distressed population without help from cooperating private NGOs and local organizations.

We fully acknowledge this and seek to work together with those on the field as we are able to, and as the other ministries are willing to, without compromising our core values and organizational mission. Every organization brings some unique value to a disaster response, and working together can enhance the support to disaster victims significantly.

When partnering with other responding ministries that are specifically faith-based, we would hold to the statement John Calvin made centuries ago: “In the essentials, unity; in the non-essentials, charity; in all things Jesus Christ!”

In cases where there are potential conflicts with the organizations’ values and mission, we would refer to the board of directors and overseeing church for guidance and counsel. However, with few exceptions our aim is to work alongside those we meet in the trenches, and seek the most efficient way to help those affected by disaster!