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Over 25,000 Flat Breads Baked This Year Amidst The Global Food Crisis – Fall Bakery Update 2022

While it’s out of the news cycle these days, we are still reminded that this was the year of the global food crisis affecting millions of people worldwide, including our own host country.

By God’s grace, we had the Daily Bread Bakery in place right as the global wheat shortages began, with enough reserves to meet the first wave of bread lines, country-wide shortages, and hungry people.

From the springtime up until this late fall, we estimate we’ve baked, by hand in our relatively little oven, at least 25,000 individual Arab flat breads that then got bagged up and out into the local community. The workers are tired, but thankful for the opportunity to serve, and to also provide for their own families at the same time through the work afforded by the bakery.

Many of these were hungry refugees we’ve been helping for years, adversely impacted by the global food crises in their impoverished state. We’re thankful the Lord provided tons, and tons, of flour funded by those who gave towards this ministry.

Several times our little bakery was the only one operating in our area when hard shortages hit. This allowed us to reach a lot more people in the community we did not know before, and many new Gospel contacts were formed with some of the poorest in the area. For some families, this bread truly is their “daily bread” that they eat as a staple of their diet as a poor refugee. We’re happy to be able to help some of the poorest, and praying to find even more needs we were unaware of before!

However, amidst the continuing food shortages due to global inflation and import issues, we’re also getting hit with inflation affecting EVERYTHING else in the operations, from ingredients, to propane, down to even the plastic bags for the bread. To keep the bakery open and able to serve we’ve had to cut production down from our average of 640 flat breads a day to 400 flat breads. This has caused us to have to reassess needs among those receiving the bread, and focus in on the neediest we know of.

How You Can Pray For The Bakery Ministry

Pray that we can continue to serve – and find – the poorest in the community. We’ve found that during times of GREAT need, when there’s no bread available at any other bakery, everyone comes to us. But during times that the local economy has bread, the poorest are our primary target group. We know there are more poor out there we are unaware of that we’d love to help. Every bag of bread is an act of compassion in Christ’s name, and every new family is a new potential open door for the Gospel.

Pray for the ongoing operational needs affected by inflation and rising import costs. Pray we’d have wisdom on how best to use what we DO have and not lament what we DO NOT have. We can still do a lot of good with our trimmed down resources, and are thankful for that.

If you wish to be involved in any way, you can support TGI via our site, sign up for our relief updates e-mail newsletter to better know how to pray, or contact us if you are interested in knowing more about how to be personally involved.

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