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Summer Refugee English Classes 2019

Pray For Summer English Classes – August 2019 Update

We started summer English classes for the refugees some weeks ago, and wanted to let you all know to pray for them!

refugee english classes

Classes happen three times a week and are open for all kids in the villages, but are especially geared towards our refugee kids in the EAP program. There are about 40-50 kids coming to the classes each week. We’re thankful to have three teachers helping this summer, an increase from last year!

Because we have an extra helper for classes, we were able to create a third class for students with almost no English abilities. This helps them to not be left behind with the other, bigger class where kids have some English already from years before.


One of our English teachers said she was greatly encouraged in recent weeks by something that happened with a young girl in her class.

It was during the classes shortly after the Eid holiday, when less children came that week. Because she had a smaller class, she was able to spend more time with a few refugees who really struggled with reading.

They spent their time slowly sounding things out. Normally the kids wouldn’t sound it out, and would just guess how to pronounce it, which of course doesn’t work well. But then real progress was made. In the words of the teacher:

“After awhile they finally caught on and it was like a light bulb went on. Safaa (one of the children) got so excited she jumped out of her chair. She was SO happy she could read a lot more words now when she splits it up and sounds it out. It was a kindness of the Lord to help me keep pressing forward [teaching classes].”

It may seem small, but helping these children learn English opens a world of possibilities to them, and they know it! It’s great to see them excited to learn, and making progress too.

Please keep praying for them to also understand the short messages shared during the end of English classes and the verses they are given to memorize. The class of older children is going through the classic English title “Pilgrims Progress” and are learning a lot of very important words and concepts. We pray the Lord would use it all for their eternal good!

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