Pray, Give, Go – Is It Really That Simple?

quakedevastation-nepalWhen we see a disaster unfolding on TV in front of us, there is often the thought of “What can I do to help these people?”

Sometimes, the answer we give is nothing, and we forget about the disaster as the news coverage fades away.

Sometimes, we can’t escape that easy way out, and know we should do more. But perhaps we aren’t sure what that “more” should be. So what are your primary options? Pray, give or go. Is that really it?

Sure, you can also raise awareness, and let others know about the problem and those organizations trying to help.

nepali-girlaBut isn’t it kind of hypocritical to just let others know about a problem, when you don’t do anything about it yourself?

For example, thousands of people in the summer of 2014 changed their Facebook profile pic to the Arabic “n” in support of displaced Iraqi Christians. That was good.

But how many of those people did anything substantial to actually help these real people suffering in Iraq? Undoubtedly some did. But do you know most of those Iraqi Christians are still suffering today as internally displaced refugees, years after the Facebook fad went away?

Are you still praying for these people? Are you giving to help them? Did you go and visit them even?

It is safe to say then, that there’s at least three things every person can do in a disaster situation: Pray, give or go.

What of the three you decide to pursue is between you and God.

But will you choose to do nothing?

How To Help By Praying

How can you help by praying? By not forgetting those who are suffering.

By telling your friends and church members to pray for those in great need.

By remembering the different organizations – including TGI – that are in the field trying to help those in the disaster area.

You can stay informed on TGI programs and missions by signing up for our e-mail newsletters.

You can follow social media updates on the different relief aid going out to refugees and disaster victims on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

Stay informed, stay praying, and as we have seen over the years, God will be faithful to answer the many prayers offered up for the neediest disaster victims!

How To Help By Giving

PageLines-LifeStraw-Hernani1-CROP.jpgSome have asked how they can contribute to the efforts of TGI financially.

This is a critical need, as we cannot provide relief aid or assistance programs without funding.

We can’t buy food, medicine, water filters, blankets, tents, tarps, heating oil, school books, or any of the other needs refugees and disaster victims have, without the financial provision God enables for this work.

We do not receive any government funding, and are totally reliant on what God provides through the generous donations of people like yourself. Donations can be online via PayPal, or sent direct by check to the address below.

We do not have any paid staff. Because everyone is a volunteer, all money donated will be used towards relief efforts and outreach in the regions we are involved with.

We are currently recognized as a registered 501c3 with the U.S. government as well as an incorporated non-profit in the state of Texas. You can find us on GuideStar as well to validate our non-profit status.

A tax-deduction receipt will be sent you at the beginning of the year if your donations total over $200.

Thank you for considering the financial needs of the refugees and disaster victims we are serving!

How To Go Yourself!

Jesus does not suggest to the Church that it is a good idea to go, or that it would be going above and beyond if we decided to go.

No, Jesus commands us to go, or to be involved in preparing, sending and supporting those who seek to go.

Christian churches should be the first to rise up in the midst of great human suffering to provide relief for the poor and afflicted.

Christians should be weeping with those who weep, and helping those who need it most, out of an abundance of the love of Christ.

PageLines-ME-Mission-FRONT.jpgIf you feel the Lord leading you to go, trust and obey, and contact us to see if it may be right to go serve with one of our teams locally or overseas.

We have a screening and interview process we would have you go through to determine eligibility and suitability.

It is assumed that you first speak with your pastor(s) and have their full approval and backing on such an endeavor before you would contact us. If those who know you best don’t think it is a good idea, we probably won’t either!

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