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The Winter Refugee Clothing Has Arrived!

middle east refugee relief work It is with great thankfulness to the Lord and to all who were involved in helping with this project over the months, that I can announce the confirmed arrival and unpacking of the shipping container that had 30,000 pounds of winter clothing and blankets for needy refugees in northern Iraq. Winter grinds on and with each week we were all the more concerned this clothing may not arrive in time to make a difference in the region. Thankfully, it has. Many in the mountainous areas of northern Iraq still face months of freezing temperatures, snowfall and bitter winds. With renewed fighting between ISIS and the Peshmerga, new refugees have been coming into the safe areas to flee the conflict.

Please do pray for the third-rotation team members currently in the region (and a couple still on their way) as they seek to efficiently and expeditiously organize and distribute this massive amount of clothing. The delivered bundles consist of jackets, coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, pants, blankets and more. Many we met during the initial winter assessments often had fled with the clothes on their back, and were not prepared (or planning on staying!) for the colder winters experienced in the northern mountains of Iraq. Pray that this distribution of needed clothing could be a real help and blessing to the neediest refugees out there, and that the compassion and message of Christ would shine through the great darkness hanging over this land.

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