Update from the field

The team here is well and wants to thank all the churches for their consistent prayers for us. We did our biggest tool delivery yesterday to Barangay. They lost over 2,000 buildings according to residents there. It was leveled by the storm surge. We were able to give away tools and packs of nails to a little more than 200 people. They were so thankful it was humbling, as so far as no one had given then any tools to rebuild. We also left heavy demo tools for the whole town to use and share. As we drove in we saw a man cutting a 8 foot board lengthwise with a rusted saw that looked about 30 years old. It was then that we knew we had come to the right place to help. What’s more, the gathered crowds patiently listened to a gospel message on building our life on the rock of Christ and so many asked for Bibles afterwards we ran out of our box of 42. More Bibles are being delivered there today. We did a smaller tool drop in the afternoon in downtown Basey and have one more this afternoon. We have also provided a small amount of much-needed chainsaws to the Barangay leaders and resident pastor to share and use to rebuild. They can actually turn all the downed Palm trees into straight planks for building houses simply with a chainsaw!

John and I are currently about 4 hrs north of the team waiting on the shipment of 100 filters. It had not been as easy of a shipping process as we hoped, with many delays, but we must get them today to distribute before we leave. God knows. The team is also distributing reading glasses and Bibles to the prisoners this morning as well.

Please keep praying; they only have a few days left!

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