Update from the field

As we drive back from a long day on the east samar coast I see out the
window a scene of sweeping destruction more reminiscent of the bombed-out
streets of Iraq than anything else I have ever seen. town after town of
gutted homes, concrete walls crumbled in a heap, only foundations swept
clean left in some places, silent reminders of the families swept away as
well who once filled these homes. fields of palm trees, thousands stripped
bare or broke in half, as if hit by a blast. mountains of trash, debris,
fill the roads and yards even weeks after the storm. That is just a portion
of what I see. There is also the pastor whose church building was leveled,
yet he stays on in a tent and refuses to leave the flock. There is a
teacher whose school keeps holding class in a library with half the floor
collapsed and one of four walls intact, because that is the best surviving
building. There are those diligently cutting boards from all the felled
trees with a chainsaw, to help rebuild the whole village. God gives
glimmers of hope amidst an otherwise bleak and hopeless landscape. The need
is desperate. The work seemingly without end. All we can do is start where
God puts us and try to be faithful in the little we can do. Pray for the
philippines, for us and others out here trying to help.

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