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You Can Still Help Sponsor a Child to Attend a Christian School – EAP 2022

We revised our Education Assistance Program (EAP) this year to primarily focus on sponsoring children to attend local Christian-run schools and education programs. If you still want to help sponsor a child for the 2021/2022 school year it is not too late! We have at least 42 kids who still need sponsors.

The EAP has been one of our longest running assistance programs for Syrian refugee children. From 2016 up to the current school year, God has helped us to put dozens of vulnerable Syrian kids into schools and off the streets. Coupled with our regular Gospel outreach programs to these EAP children and their families, hundreds have heard about Christ over the years because of your support.

This school year we have opted to put the majority of our EAP kids into local Christian schools or educational programs. After much prayer and deliberation, we determined that this was going to hopefully accomplish many positive things.

It puts each Syrian refugee child in an environment where Christ is named, the Gospel is taught and chapel services conducted throughout the week.

It gives each child access to a much better quality of education than before with attentive teachers helping struggling students.

It provides much-needed funding to local Christian-run education programs that were faltering under the harsh economic conditions in this region in recent years.

It’s giving jobs to these local teachers, putting food on their families’ tables, and helping to keep these Christian schools open to serve the region in years to come. To us, it seemed like a win-win situation all around.

We are partnering with two programs. One is a typical K-12 school that prepares our kids to graduate high school with a diploma, something they may be the first ones to do in their family!

The second school is a remediation program, based on the Montessori education method, aimed at helping children who have been out of school for years get caught up.

We are sending primarily Syrian refugee children to these schools, but in the past year have also admitted a few local children from poorer families to the program.

At both of these school programs, our EAP sponsored children make up more than half of the entire school enrollment! We are thankful that the Lord has used this program to not only help these children attend a Christian school, but to also help these schools continue to stay open during these difficult years.

We thank those of you as well that have faithfully partnered with us over the years to sponsor these children and pray for them. The Lord has given you a large part in this labor as well!

If you have not had the opportunity to sponsor an EAP child but you want to be a part of this, we still have many children in need of new sponsors! There are 42 children right now that are already enrolled in school but still need sponsors in order for us to secure tuition payments for the next semester.

What do we ask of each sponsor?

  • That they commit to pray regularly for their sponsored child and their family.
  • That they commit to help with monthly tuition payments (typically $100USD for most kids each month).
  • That they commit to write the child a letter at least once per school year (the child will write back!).

If you want to know more about the EAP program you can find details on our updated EAP page: TGI EAP Information

If you’re ready to sponsor a child, contact us here to express interest and get a child assigned to you: Contact Us

If you have already sponsored a child but need to update your monthly payments you can do so here:

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