Another Busy Summer of Refugee English Classes!

Summer English classes are already in full swing for the Syrian refugees.

We’ve been so busy with ongoing refugee medical issues and the classes themselves I realized this weekend I never posted about the program since it began last month!

Refugee English Class StudentsWe’ve had upwards of 60+ students coming on some days, though the steady number of committed students is closer to 45-50 on most days.

Classes are three times a week for several hours, covering basic conversational and written English.

Each class also ends with a memory Bible verse in English with an explanation in Arabic of the meaning behind it.

There are also a few high school students who are in our regular Education Assistance Program that are getting advanced tutoring in English during the class times as well. This is in preparation for the more rigorous requirements of the high school courses and tests many of them will face this coming school year.

Kids English ClassesWe are especially thankful that this year we have twice as many helpers from abroad coming to teach the children and manage the two classes that go on simultaneously in the same building.

We very much appreciate the willingness of these young men and women to sacrifice their summer for the sometimes strenuous and challenging act of teaching rather unruly Syrian refugee children basic English, knowing that their labors in the Lord are not in vain!

Refugee Kids in English ClassPlease keep these classes in prayer as they continue through the summer.

That we would continue to have favor with the community to conduct the classes peacefully.

That the children would not just improve their English abilities but understand the meaning behind the daily Bible verse memorizations at the end of class.

And that the Lord might sustain and give strength to the helpers out here involved in this demanding activity!

If you’d like to find out how you can support the ongoing material needs for the classes or sign up for our newsletter to not miss any updates you can do so here. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook as we post a LOT more smaller updates there than to this website!

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