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EAP Program Update

EAP Update – Weekly Tutoring & Only 5 More Students To Go!


We are incredibly thankful to the sponsors who stepped in last fall 2016 to sponsor the Syrian children to enable them to attend school.

We are halfway through the second semester, and are glad to see the Lord’s answers to prayer in providing for these kids.

They are happy to be back in school, and for several of them, this was the only way it was going to happen.

So before going any further, I want to extend a thank you to all those people quietly supporting and praying for these EAP students!

Weekly Tutoring Program Still Going

A few months into the EAP we realized we had one major issue: many of the children had been out of school so long they forgot – or never even learned – things as basic as multiplication and the Arabic alphabet.

It is a sad thing when foreigners who have studied the language for only a year know more about written Arabic than children born in this region, but that is the illiterate state many begin in.

We also noticed that some of the students already in school were beginning to struggle with the local curriculum, which is taught in English and becomes quite advanced at the High School level.

Geometry, biology and physics are hard enough, but try studying from English text books in a public school where the teachers aren’t too happy to be spending extra time with a huge influx of refugees!

So to address this, we began offering morning tutoring sessions three times a week for the EAP students struggling in their studies.

It is a lot of work to give three full mornings to tutoring sometimes up to a dozen kids at once – and with only 2-3 tutors on a good day.

But it has been well worth it to see the children beginning to prosper in school, so do continue to pray for energy for the tutors, and more volunteers to help!

More Students Coming

The EAP has been so popular that several other families have heard about it. Several are now bringing their kids for tutoring help, even if they aren’t matched with an EAP sponsor yet.

The wait list for the EAP is thus growing, and we have at least 5 new children waiting to be sponsored.

If you had an interest in helping sponsor a child, it is not too late. There are still several months to go in the semester, and the door is still open for you to be matched with a child.

The open doors this has given us into the community are increasing as well.

When the parents see we care for their kids future as much – and sometimes it seems more – than they do, this begins to build a relationship into their family that the Lord is using for good in other areas as well.

Thank you to everyone who is already involved in the EAP. If you are not yet, and wish to be, you can contact us to get started.

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