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Harvey Floods – Many Cries For Help

“Hope is all I can ask for. We need all rebuild assistance. We do not have the resources.” So wrote one of the many flood victims finding us on the internet and reaching out for help.

These are cries for help from our Texas neighbors that I do not think God wants us to ignore.

We have been getting calls for help daily since the floods hit peak last week and we decided to publicly launch a Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

hurrican harvey flood assistanceWe have over half a dozen legitimate needs from families who lost it all and have no flood insurance – and no real savings to fall back on – who have lost hope and need help.

And every day more people contact us asking for help too.

They are sending us pictures of damaged homes that are trashed and unlivable.

Some homes are occupied by the elderly or handicapped.

Some are for large families who were likely already just making ends meet, and now cannot survive with the loss of their home.

Some are even people who lived in rented buildings that were totally destroyed and now have nowhere to go after being evicted by the landlord who was demolishing the home/apartments.

What We Are Doing To Help

hurricane harvey rebuild assistanceWe cannot ignore these cries for help.

We are thankful that as of today we have almost 20 volunteers going into the Houston area to begin with recovery (stripping/gutting homes and clearing debris) and eventually rebuild (putting the homes back together with flooring, drywall and other needs).

We are also thankful that a growing amount of people have been providing much-needed financial support to allow us to get needed recovery tools and supplies.

There will continue to be an exponential amount of needs for the rebuild phase as we identify truly needy families who have uninhabitable homes.

This is an all-volunteer force of Christians who took time off of work to go help. Pray for them.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, all donations marked for Harvey Relief will go directly to benefit Harvey storm/flood victims.

We hope to have a continual rotation on the team with new, fresh volunteers coming in to continue the efforts as the weeks go by.

If you would like to help with donated items, financial support, get prayer updates (like this one) or help in some other capacity go to the hurricane relief portal here: Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Portal

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